Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back in Accra

Our first day back in Accra was one of rest. Mr. Narteh dropped us off at the Pink Hostel. For some reason they had lost our reservations. We were starting to get the hang of things, though. We showed the desk attendant the reservation email we sent. He hassled us for awhile until he realized that we wouldn't budge, and finally admitted that our rooms were available. Matt and I ended up in a huge room with eight beds in it. I could see why the desk attendant was reluctant to give out the room to only two people.
I showered, washed some clothes in the sink, and crashed on the bunk for a nap while Matt and the girls set off to look for a grocery store. I woke up to screaming and got up to check it out. There was a large mob of people across the street. Two ladies were in a full-on fistfight, punching and pulling hair while men yelled and gestured to one another. The ruckus went on for a good half-hour, while I watched intermittently from my third-floor bathroom window.
Matt and the girls finally got back. They had wandered for a mile until settling for a gas station. Even at gas station prices, ten cedi's (roughly $7.00 US) will get you a good amount of groceries. We ate lunch in our huge room, snacked on fried oysters, and rested from our village experience.
When night came we wandered down to the restaurant for dinner. We met some other hostelers who were working on some ngo construction project up north. Apparently, Ghana is a good place to escape if you want to bum around and do service. People come from all over the world to see Africa and build schools and health clinics for nonprofit organizations. Gathered around a table were people from Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, and the U.S. I was so glad to hear Norwegian again, and to speak it with someone other than my bathroom mirror. They drank beers and I had a Coke. We talked about our countries, our various work and research projects, and exchanged cards. After awhile they headed down to Osu (they party-area of Accra down by the beach), and we didn't hear them again until 4:00 in the morning when they finally came stumbling back in.

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  1. Classic phrase -- two "ladies' were in a full on fist fight. I'm enjoying touring Ghana with you from the comfort on my little house in the USA.