Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to deal with the cops in Ghana

Classic scene illustrating how to deal with the cops in Ghana:

Ray's uncle runs a red stoplight in Accra. A policeman standing on the corner vigorously flags them down and hops in the back seat next to Ray and Jasmine.

Cop: "I am arresting your driver. You are under arrest. Drive to the police station."
Ray's Uncle: ignores cop
Cop: "Do you speak English? I said, you are under arrest!"
(Cop notices Jasmine. Gives a big smile). "How are you?"
Ray's Uncle: "Yes I speak English, I'm just ignoring you and I'm not under arrest."
Cop: "What?! What does he mean? You are under arrest! Where are you taking me?"
Ray's Uncle: "I'm driving my nephew to the Mormon temple, and you're in my car."
Cop: "I don't want to go to the Mormon temple. You are under arrest."
Ray: "umm, sir. I don't want you to arrest my uncle, and I need to meet my friends at the temple. Here's what I'm going to do. Have you ever seen one of these? This is a granola bar. It's from the U.S. and it's very tasty. I'm going to give you a few granola bars if you agree to not arrest my uncle."
(Cop eyes the granola bars and thinks for a few moments): "Ok, deal. How about you give me your cell phone number and we can hang out?"

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